Product Description

  • Relays in the series of products have DC and AC coil. Contact has double pole NO and NC and single and double pole switch.
  • Working environment temperature -25℃~40℃
  • Using life is about 100,000 times.

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Product Detail

Shanghai Leipole Photoelectric Coupler is a photoelectric element that has light as medium and transmit electric signal. Because it has following characters: 

A little consumption of signal at control end, high switch frequency, no contact to put out, long life, high insulating voltage, etc,buffer action of control cell and present circuit is especially extrusive. It is the same to the relay coupler, it is also a new-style joggle element among peripheral equipment, control signal and adjustable equipment automatically controlled to come ture matching of electric frequency and powder.

our company tires to provide various specs relay couplers applying to different voltage and power in the applicable field. Character of product is minimum modularization. Install it on the standard NS 35/7.5 or NS32 lead rail and it is possible to use safely, reliably and conveniently.

In concrete application, contact switch of relay is in DC or AC return circuit. when cutting it off, produce highter inductive voltage in load of inductor and capacitor, and damage contact. In order to delay life of relay, it is possible to use above protective measure lots of manufactures of contactor and electromagnetic valve etc. have had necessary protective elements to sell. when choosing and using it . Pay attention to their merit and defect to use it reasonably. 

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