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Order Code:1010.052

  • Made from flaming resistant Nylon PA 66 with Brass bar.
  • Orange Push Button Located on the Actuation Shaft Opens the Spring to the Maximum Wiring Space of (4 mm2)/AWG 12 for Fast, Clear Wiring and High-Contacting Safety.
  • Allowing for individual potential distribution and quickly bridged connections among the same terminal block type or across different types.
  • Push-in terminal blocks are compatible with standard system accessories, including bridges, end covers . end brackets and marker strips.

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Panel Feed Through Pluggable Discount Spring Terminal Blocks 

JPT Feed-through Spring terminal blocks Connection Technology Spring terminal blocks

JPT feed-through terminal block can be directly connected to the wire.That is, you can connect solid wires or insulated terminals without any tools.

The special spring design can easily push in the solid wires or insulated terminals even with a wire cross section of 0.5mm2. By using the pull-out button, you can easily open the spring. Loosen the wires and disconnect without touching any metal parts directly.

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