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Economic type of FK66 series.This filter can be used with the fans below.The fan's matt is used to [revent dust particles 10 microns or more.

  • Quick-fit technology enables fan filter unit to snap into prepared mounting cutouts to eliminate the need for any tools.
  • Reversing the fan motors changes the airflow direction.
  • Power connections can be positioned for quick wiring with spring clamp terminals that require no tools.
  • Louvered grill latch for quick, toolless filter mat replacement.

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The most common method to effectively control the temperature in an enclosure is to pull the warm air out (reverse flow) near the top using a fan filter while cooler air is drawn in through a stand alone filter at the bottom of the cabinet. Both fan filter and filter provide protection to IP54 and prevent the ingress of dust and water splashes. Increased protection can be specified to IP55 if needed on most of the range. We have a variety of filters for use as cabinet fan filters or enclosure fan filters. 

A filter fan should be used alongside a filter exhaust enabling the free movement of air, either into or out of the enclosure.  filter media should also be used to encourage effective ingress protection, protecting components and internal housing from dust and liquid.

EMC versions available on request
IP54 or IP55 ingress protected
Plastic parts in PC/ABS alloy
Fast mounting and side mounting with click fitting technology

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