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Electric Cable clip UB6-12~UB50-64

Cable clamps were designed specifically to provide the best way of fitting low, medium and high voltage cables. They are also fit for mounting tubes and (hydraulic) pipes. The range  goes from Ø 13 mm up to 160 mm.

Cable clamps for high short-circuit currents
Cable clamps are designed and manufactured to meet the highest possible requirements, and to withstand high short-circuit currents. Therefore, they are perfect for use at locations where short-circuit-proof features are preferable. 

Single and multi-conductor cable clamps
Cable clamps are suitable for the fastening of all types of single and multi-conductor cables.

Cable clamps materials
Cable clamps are produced in black polyamide, fiberglass-reinforced material. It is halogen- free and resistant to radioactive rays, UV rays, salt water, ozone, oils, fuels and alkalis. It is flame resistant and made of virgin material.

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