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Enclosure Thermostat are used to regulate temperature and humidity inside an enclosure. Electronic and mechanical models are available, with fixed or adjustable setpoints to fit a wide range of applications.

Our cabinet fan thermostats are temperature regulators that help to guarantee the optimal conditions inside the enclosure for trouble free operations with electrical components. Our fan thermostats or heater thermostats have control ranges of -10 to +80 degrees Celsius. For use with heaters or fans we are sure to have an enclosure thermostat to meet your needs, even spanning to change over thermostats with existing NC & NO Thermostats.

As a result of reducing the time that the fan is running, the media within a fan filter, that captures all the dust and crud from entering your control panel, is not going to fill up so quickly. You’ll have less maintenance downtime and replacement filter material costs to worry about.

So there it is, the choice to fit a thermostat alongside the cooling fan filter units in a control panel is an easy one to make. Turning the household thermostat up against your will, is always a hard decision, but fitting a thermostat to a control panel shouldn’t be. Save energy, save money, save time.

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